Why should my club join?

ICC stands for the Interclub of the Carolinas.  The ICC represents a broad cross-section of clubs in the area.  The group creates an opportunity for players of all levels to come together for a round of golf and friendship.  Monthly tournaments are played between March and October on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Who can join?

The president of ICC will issue an invitation to a club to join.  Any club with a womenÕs organization in the Upstate of South Carolina is welcome.

What is required of my club?

Pay the $15 annual fee to the treasurer.

Provide a representative to ICC who will coordinate players from your club for monthly tournament play, attend one annual meeting of representatives per year and serve as president, treasurer and tournament chair for ICC the year your club hosts the Championship (about once every 25 years).  An opening meeting will be held on the 4th Tuesday in January, your club representative will attend, and a brief closing meeting may be held on the day of the championship in October.

Your club will receive a tournament and championship schedule, entry form and a list of representatives.

When should my club join?

The play schedule runs from March to October.  Clubs pay their annual dues at the January opening meeting and that is when new clubs are welcomed.

How does my club join?

Contact the ICC president.  This link is on the ICC home page